Good Cookin’

I like to cook…well, most of the time. I enjoy trying new recipes and challenging myself, but I also like to make some favorites again and again.

I come from a long line of good, Southern cooks in my family. I grew up near most of my extended family, so family gatherings were a near weekly occurrence, and you could always count on there being a huge spread when it came time to eat. And it always came time to eat–at least once while we were together. In fact, our gatherings were always planned around the food.

During one Sunday afternoon family dinner when I was really little, I offered my critique of the meal to head chef Grandma, “Good cookin’, Grandma!” That phrase became the standard of praise during any meal at my grandma’s. At some point, my mom cross-stitched the phrase and had it framed in what looked like a cast-iron skillet. A few years ago, the handle on the frame broke, so it had to be re-framed in a boring ole’ regular frame, but the sentiment remains the same.

I’m always searching for foods that leave me salivating and yearning for “just one more bite….” I hope that the recipes I share will cause the same yearning in you and in your loved ones.


2 Responses

  1. I’m SO excited you are doing this!

  2. Lori, me too! I think this will be fun!

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